Automated, Optimized & Intelligent Retargeting

Your customer data is a gold mine and we turn it into results.

Prairie tracks visitors on your site and across the web, builds a profile of their receptiveness to your products and
retargets them only when they are most likely to convert - all in real-time. Partner with Prairie to boost your bottom line.

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Intelligent Constantly Improving

Built on a learning algorithm, Prairie utilizes all the information fed to it in order to improve. Every customer benefits every other, improving the capability of the system day-in and day-out.

Retargeting Made Easy

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Powerful Customized for You

Want to know what products you should promote? Need a system to automatically detect and incentivize people that fall out of your sales funnel? Trying to retarget only your most valuable visitors? Prairie can do it.

Simple Fire-and-Forget

Our solutions are designed to "just work". We have built an incredibly efficient automated platform which does everything behind the scenes. Prairie is designed to do all the work so you can relax - and profit.


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Get Started Now Platform Features